Warping Machinery

We represent Changzhou Diba Textile Machinery Co. Ltd as Sole selling Agents in North India for its "DIBA" Warping Machinery and "DIBA" Warp knitting Machinery.

The company is the Market leader for warping machines in China with almost an 80% share of the market. The warping machines are used in almost all the major warp knitting mills in China.

The company has above 500 succesfull installations in India and with all customers coming back for repeat orders.

The company specialises in warpers for All kinds of continous filament yarns as well as Spun yarn. The Range consists of warpers for NYLON , POLYESTER, LYCRA WARPERS in Addition to Warpers for Mink Blanket Machinery the company also produces high quality pattern beaming machines for use in the Raschel Industry. The company also specialises in SPLIT YARN WARPING MACHINERY used for direct warping of monofilament yarn from Mother Yarn. 

 DIBA  also specialises in many kinds of warp knitting machinery .Carbon fiber multiaxial Machine,Chopped strand mats biaxial knitting machine,Stichbonding, DOUBLE NEEDLE BAR MACHINES WITH AND WITHOUT JAQUARD.

For a complete product catalog please visit their website www.czdiba.com/eng or ask us for a hardcopy catalog.


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